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It takes a village.

Hi! Len here. If you’re reading this page, you probably personally know me – whether it be through the Brand ManageCamp conference, or our past work experience, or school, or as a friend or family member (or some combination of those!).

So, you probably know that I’ve spent the last two years writing Be Vigilant! 

It’s a vehicle to help accomplish my mission of empowering organizations and individuals to safeguard the success they’ve worked so hard to achieve.

The book is available right now. 

I would love for the messages in this book to be seen by as many people as possible. For that, I need your help.

I understand that you’re busy and are probably being pulled in 100 different directions. So, if you are up for helping, I want to make it as simple and easy and painless as possible for you.

Below are a few easy suggestions of things you could do that would be super helpful as well as some images you can download and use for social media and some sample copy you can cut and paste.

If you’re interested in being part of my Be Vigilant! book army, please make sure you click the button and let me know who you are so I can send you Be Vigilant! swag and make sure you get exclusive first access to Be Vigilant! offers, news, and events!

Thank you so much for considering lending me a hand in spreading the word about Be Vigilant!

here are some specific ways you can help:

Order your copy today using any of the links at the top of this page.
Spread the word via LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, or whatever social media you're on. See ready-made images and suggested copy below.
Get your Be Vigilant! Swag! All members of the Be Vigilant! Book Army will be sent some Be Vigilant! wristbands and Be Vigilant! laptop stickers to use and give out to friends. Make sure to take a photo and post to social with #bevigilantbook.
Order some extra copies for colleagues, friends, and family. It makes a great gift for anyone with anything worth protecting.
Interview Len for your podcast, webinar, LinkedIn Live, article, etc. Len has an awesome video studio and is a pro at live-streaming!
Post a review to your favorite online bookseller as soon as you finish reading the book. If you're interested in getting an advanced e-copy for the purpose of writing a review, please just let me know!

Social media images

Freel free to use any or all of these images in your social media posts.

Right click on an image and click “save as” to download.

Complacency Kills
Be Vigilant
Be Vigilant
Be Vigilant
Success is not the goal
Survival is not Success

sample social media posts:

If you have anything worth protecting, you need to read Len Herstein’s Be Vigilant! Learn more and order today at https://BeVigilantBook.com. #BeVigilantBook #Complacency

“Success is not the end goal. Keeping it is.” Learn how by reading Len Herstein’s Be Vigilant! Order today at https://BeVigilantBook.com. #BeVigilantBook #Complacency

You’ve invested a lot of time, money, and energy in becoming successful. Be Vigilant! is your insurance policy to ensure you stay that way. Learn more and order today at https://BeVigilantBook.com. #BeVigilantBook #Complacency

In Be Vigilant!, Len Herstein uses engaging stories to blend his expertise in business with his real-world experience in law enforcement to deliver the actionable insights and leadership strategies you need to conquer complacency, improve performance, and safeguard success through vigilance. Learn more and order today at https://BeVigilantBook.com. #BeVigilantBook #Complacency

Complacency costs money, decreases employee morale and performance, invites competition, and creates critical mistakes that will put your company, your brands, and your teams at risk. Len Herstein’s new book, Be Vigilant!, teaches you how to protect your hard-earned success by combatting complacency through business vigilance. Learn more and order today at https://BeVigilantBook.com. #BeVigilantBook #Complacency

What do you get the person who has everything? The book that will help them keep it. Learn more and order today at https://BeVigilantBook.com. #BeVigilantBook #Complacency

Complacency threatens your business success and personal happiness! Protect yourself, your organization, and your team from the dangers of complacency with actionable strategies in Be Vigilant! Learn more and order today at https://BeVigilantBook.com. #BeVigilantBook #Complacency

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