3 Vigilant Ways to Earn Trust By Being Trustworthy

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So, I just read an article from Adweek that was entitled “How Retailers Can Leverage Influencers, Video and Live Commerce to Build Trust and Community This Holiday Season,” and I got a little worked up because it’s this kind of stuff that gets businesses and people in trouble.

You cannot build trust by associating yourself with influencers or by doing live video. You EARN trust by…wait for it…. BEING TRUSTWORTHY.

Now, there is no other industry that has learned more about trust, and the danger of losing it, than law enforcement. So here are 3 ways you can actually work towards becoming WORTHY of TRUST, taken from the lessons I’ve learned in law enforcement. These are all in my new book, “Be Vigilant!

#1 Understand and be able to articulate your WHY. Make sure you have a meaningful purpose and then make sure everything you do can be explained within the context of that purpose.

#2 Practice Accountability. Publicly proclaim what you promise to do and then hold yourself accountable for doing it.

#3 Be Transparent. Communicate. Over-communicate. In the absence of communication, people will fill in the holes with the most negative spin possible. Don’t leave any doubt. Be an open book.

If you have a true and meaningful purpose that guides all you do, if you hold yourself accountable, and if you are transparent in your journey, you will become TRUSTWORTHY.

Only then can you hope to have trust granted to you. Remember, you can’t build it. You have to earn it.

Until next time, I’m Len Herstein. Be Vigilant!

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